401k Review Timeline

Once you have decided to engage our services below are the next steps :

  1. We will Benchmark your plan several different ways to show you your strong and weak (if any) areas currently within your plan. This will take approximately 2 weeks.
  2. Once we receive the results we will set a follow up appointment with you to review our findings. (This will take approximate I hour.)
  3. Then, depending on the road you wish to proceed will determine the next steps.
    1. If you decide you are not happy with your current plan, and would like us to bring your40lk to market, we will look at providers we feel will best suit your needs. (This will take approximately 2 weeks)When we narrow down the competition we will set another appointment up with you and your management team to hear what each of them can provide to your organization. (This will take a few hours)
    2. If you decide that you are happy with our findings and your current 40lk plan, we hope you will decide to make us the advisor on your current plan. (That will only require a few minutes to sign a Change of Broker form)

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